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Story of the Red Tulip

Symbol of Parkinson's disease

The red tulip has been a symbol for Parkinson’s awareness since 1980 when Dutch horticulturalist J.W.S. Van der Wereld, who had PD himself, developed a red and white tulip and named it “Dr. James Parkinson” to honor the London doctor who first described the disease in 1817.  It was Dr. Parkinson’s who first identified and described the disease and brought it to the attention of the medical profession.

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Story of the Forget me Not

Symbol of Dementia

The forget-me-not, a small blue flower, represents remembrance and has long been associated with dementia.  The person suffering from dementia may experience memory loss, among other symptoms.  This makes the forget-me-not the perfect flower to represent our cause.  The blue flower is a symbol for anyone who wants to unite against dementia, raise awareness, and support people affected by the condition.