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6 Steps to Bee Dementa Friendly Introducton

The "6-Steps to BEE Dementia Friendly" offers family members, caregivers, first responders and all those interested in learning more about dementia the opportunity to learn from Teepa Snow, Dementia Expert.  You will learn effective strategies to use when communicating and helping your loved one with dementia.  You will learn strategies to use and strategies to avoid at the different levels of dementia. 

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Thank you for BEE-ing Dementia Friendly 

Step 1 What is Demenia?
Step 1 What is Dementia.png
Types of dementia Teepa Snow mentioned in the video: "What is Demntia?"

Teepa Snow mentioned them all.

She described how each type is different yet...

​Dementia = brain failure​

NOTE: Bruce Willis has a diagnosis of Frontal temporal dementia.

Julie Andrews fights Huntington's disease.

Step 2 (3).png
Senior Gems tri fold front and back.jpg
Which Living GEMS did Teepa Snow disuss in her videos?

Teepa Snow created the living GEMS because "everyone is special and unique" and "...deserve the right care to shine." 

A Care Partner equipped with strategies and a positive approach can change resistance and objection into acceptance and communication.

Step 2 Positive Physical Approach
Step 3 Visual, Verbal, Touch & Physical Cues
Step 3 (2).png
What risks are reduced by the proper use of hand-under-hand as demonstrated by Teepa Snow in her video?

"Dementia does not rob them of their dignity.  We do with our response."   - Teepa Snow

Dementia = brain failure

Step 4 First Responders
Step 4 (2).png
What does Teepa Snow describe in her videos with EMS?

Understanding helps!


People living with dementia are doing the best they can. 

Use strategies that assure them, "YOU are not the enemy."

Fear = Fight or Flight

"Self-defense" can look like "aggression" (both ways) if you do not understand how normal people react in an emergency.

Step 5 (2).png
Click on FMP for .pdf
BDF FMP form.jpg
What does teepa snow sugges will help when faced with a difficult situation?

Imagine the person living with dementia is suddenly you!

Dementia = brain failure

Dementia can happen to anyone.

Step 5 Challenging Situations
Step 6 (3).png
check all you think are types of dementia

All of these listed are types of dementia and there are approximately 70 more.

Dementia = brain failure

Many types but only one response - POSITIVE!!

Step 6 Coaching
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