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A Common Language for Dementia using the Senior GEMS

The Full Story

In the article: "DEMENTIA - Keep Responses Positive" published in Dementia Family Pathways Blog and in the Fall 2023 issue of GO Christian Magazine, Author and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) KB McGee, called for a standard language for dementia.

Below is a chart that suggests the Senior GEMS as the language of choice that healthcare professionals and Caregivers can use to establish a common vocabulary for dementia.  This Dementia Staging chart correlates the Senior GEMS with other popular Rating Scales including the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS), the Alzheimer's Association, the Allen Cognitive Scale, FAST Stages, MDS and Developmental Age Comparisons.


When the Caregiver Team uses a common language, communication is possible.


The Senior GEMS is the only staging mechanism that provides characteristics, strategies to use and strategies to avoid at each level of dementia. 

To see examples GDS, the FAST and others see the Blog article:

*MCI = Mild Cognitive Impairment

SOS Dementia Staging w BOC.jpg
Dementia Staging.pdf
SOS Senior GEMS.jpg
Senior GEMS.pdf
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