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Senior GEMS

A Guide for Family Members with Dementia

The Senior GEMS®, created by Senior Helpers®, is a method used to provide effective strategies for support and care for all levels of Dementia - from normal aging through late stage dementia.

Through Senior GEMS®, we are able to focus on what is precious and unique about each senior.


Changes take place as their disease progresses, but by taking a positive approach to care and using strategies that work, Senior Helpers can help your loved one continue to live a purposeful life at home. The Senior GEMS was created by Senior Helpers in conjunction with Teepa Snow, Occupational Therapist and Dementia Care Expert.  They based the Senior GEMS on the Allen Cognitive Scale and established levels of Dementia as "gems" - because people living with Dementia are "special and unique and need special care to shine." 

Senior Helpers uses The Senior GEMS™ techniques, strategies, and overall positive approach when training Care Partners who assist people living with Dementia to experience meaningful days and moments of joy.

Call your local Senior Helpers of Panama City office for more information about Senior Helpers care partner training

or to learn more about Senior GEMS patient centered care: 850.215.1793.

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