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Thank You for Being a Decent Human Being

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

OCTOBER is "Thank You for Being a Decent Human Being" month.

My "Thank You" to every Decent Human Being that I know starts with a list of your common qualities:

Decent Human Beings are considerate of other human beings - to a fault!

Decent Human Beings are respectful of other human beings and their property.

Decent Human Beings want to help other human beings - almost to the exclusion of taking care of themselves.

Decent Human Beings value other human beings and communicate with them.

Decent Human Beings take a genuine interest in other human beings without judging or criticizing.

I am fortunate enough to know many Decent Human Beings.

Decent Human Beings are a rare breed.

Decent Human Beings are precious to our planet.

Decent Human Beings deserve to be protected.

Our Nation has set aside a month each year for:

Older Americans Disability Pride African American Heritage Deaf History Irish American Heritage Women’s History Jewish American Heritage Asian American & Pacific Islanders Heritage Italian American Heritage Hispanic Heritage Native American Heritage

OCTOBER is Decent Human Being Heritage Month

Thank all the Decent Human Beings you know for leaving their compassionate mark on our planet!! Tell the stories of the Decent Human Beings who left a positive impact on your life.

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