Dementia Support Group of Panama City - Update

Updated: Apr 8

Senior GEM® of the Month Caregiver Training for May 2022 will be "Diamond"

Join us in May to continue learning about the Senior GEMS SOS - Strategies offer Solutions - on the 1st Thursday at 1:00 pm CST, See old friends; make new ones.

If you are planning to attend this month's meeting, please RSVP.

Oakland Terrace Community Center

1900 W. 11th Street

Panama City, FL 32401

When a person hears that his / her loved one is living with Dementia, reactions range from

denial, anger, fear, and helplessness. Doctors diagnose Dementia but don’t always have the answer to the question, “What do I do now?” Our Dementia Support Group of Panama City was formed to promote awareness and advocacy for people living with Dementia and to provide Care partners with information, answers, and support.

During our meetings, we get to know each other and we discuss challenges that Caregivers face every day. We offer dementia care strategies that change resistance and refusals into acceptance and moments of joy.

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