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Bee Dementia Friendly

Updated: Sep 9

Friends from high school, cousins and colleagues in Panama City, New Mexico, Seattle, Texas and Chicago are facing challenges loving someone through the levels of dementia.

Free 6-Steps to Become Dementia Friendly

I will gladly talk with you for hours about the details that have you baffled, but I can also share with you my favorite Senior GEM® and Positive Approach to Care® short videos. It is NOT hard to find great information with Caregiver Training like the Senior GEMS® and Teepa's Positive Approach® to Care strategies to use and strategies to avoid at all levels of dementia.

What IS difficult for people new to dementia is, “Where do I begin?”

After you complete each Step, you will receive the video(s) and the handout(s) by email for your future reference or to meet with members of your family / friends to share the good news of a Positive Approach® to Care.

During our monthly Dementia Support Group of Panama City meetings, new folks would always ask, “Where do I begin?”

I created the 6-Steps to Become Dementia Friendly to give the new Caregiver a place to start! That person looking for answers at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Take the FREE 6-Steps to Become Dementia Friendly.

Then go to Teepa's website:

Go to YouTube and search for topics dementia related with Teepa's name. She has been educating the world about her Positive Approach to Care for 20 years!!

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