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Dementia Care Training in Australia vs. the Snow Approach

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

When a family is looking for an Assisted Living Facility, they look at the structure and the pricing; but more importantly, they are concerned with the care that will be provided for their loved one who is living with dementia.

Each Assisted Living Facility (ALF) has a New Employee Orientation. It is during that NEO training that each Caregiver is provided with the Policies and Procedures for working within that facility.

When you ask about the Caregiver training provided after hire by the Assisted Living Facility, find out what the Caregivers were trained during New Employee Orientation.

1. How much Positive Physical Approach training the Caregivers receive?

2. Were the Caregivers advised that there are strategies to use and strategies to avoid at each level of dementia ?

3. What Skill Building and Coach are provided after hire for the Caregivers to manage Difficult Situations when those situations occur?

4. How will you be notified when the Plan of Care needs to be adjusted to include Positive Approach to Care techniques for a better outcome?

A 5-Star Dementia Friendly ALF Rating Scale provides families with information about the Care Partner Training provided by the Assisted Living Facility for each member of their staff:

Whether you are a professional in the Health Care Industry, a friend, a First Responder, or a family member of someone living with dementia, Teepa Snow is world renowned for her useful information that service providers can begin utilizing immediately. Teepa’s GEMS® States classification system (based on the Allen Cognitive Disability Theory) helps you to understand which state of brain change the person is experiencing, and how to respond appropriately.

People who are trained to use a Positive Approach to Care® can help change resistance and refusals into participation and successful interactions.

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