Giving people with Parkinson's a Voice

According to Parkinson's News Today, the SpeechVive is an "electronic medical device worn in the ear that can help people with Parkinson’s speak louder and more clearly.  It works with a person's natural reflex to aids in overcoming difficulties with speech brought on by disease progression.

Hypophonia is the tendency to speak softly, generally as a result of impaired perception and coordination of the muscles that are used for speech. This symptom of Parkinson’s disease (PD) can make it difficult for people to engage in effective communication.

The electronic medical device, called SpeechVive, was designed to help people with hypophonia secondary to Parkinson’s by employing a fairly simple principle called the Lombard effect. Simply put, this effect is the tendency for people to speak more loudly in environments that are noisy, much like how people tend to raise their voice when speaking in a room full of talking people."

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Go to the SpeechVive website to locate a SpeechVive Provider in your area.

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