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What Training, Education, Scholarships & Resources are Available?
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*"Memory Care Providers" include:

Care partners, Police Officers, EMS, First Responders,

Nurses, CNAs, and 

Healthcare Professionals


Dementia Family Pathways defines a "Memory Care Provider"* as "licensed healthcare providers and first responders who provide a pubic service for people who are living with dementia. 

"It's not about loss; it's about life." 

Long Term Goal: 

1. Every Memory Care Provider receive  Dementia Care Excellent training prior to employment,

2. Adequate number of Dementia Care Excellent Instructors in the Region for continuing education

3. Provide Caregivers with Dementia SOS - "Strategies offer Solutions" as needed

Dementia S.O.S. - Strategies Offer Solutions

GEM Focus with Hand-under-Hand Skill Building

Teepa Snow  Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) & Scholarships

Teepa Snow
Senior GEMS
Dementia S.O.S.
Positive Approach to Care® (PAC)

If you were awarded a PAC Scholarship, what would you do for your community once you are a Certified PAC Instructor?

Tell us why Dementia Family Pathways would be wise to choose you to receive the 2022 PAC Scholarship.  Would you provide several free GEM® Workshop trainings to churches and facilities PRN?  How many Workshop trainings would you provide?  How often?

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