More than 20 years ago, Senior Helpers created the Senior GEMS® Caregiver Training with Teepa Snow.*  For over two decades, Senior Helpers has been using the Senior GEMS® to train the Caregivers.  The Senior GEMS® sets Senior Helpers apart with a Caregiver Training unique to the industry. 

The Senior GEMS® is based on the Positive Approach® techniques and focuses on what is 'precious and unique' about all of their clients. Providing support for a loved-one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is extremely important. Learn more from the informative DVDs in hopes of helping family members with understanding the syndrome of dementia.  Teepa’s life mission is to shed a positive light on dementia.

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"Using the Senior GEMS® gives me 'GEM focus' which helps me:

  • see what skills remain,

  • learn how to support and use those skills, and

  • utilize consistent ways to provide the support needed to achieve a desired outcome. 


I like the fact that everything is based on what the person is still capable of doing and that when I use Senior GEMS® 'visual, verbal, touch' cues the PLWD is able to maintain independence and dignity."                                                                             Karen McGee, SLP

About Senior GEMS®

  • Help us to see what remains and learn how to support and use those skills

  • Give us consistent ways in which we can  provide support for the best chance of success for each person based on what they can do and what they need help to do


How do the Senior GEMS® help?

  • Use familiar concepts to talk about a difficult subject

  • Focus on what is valued

  • Allow us to get beyond the words dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Open the door to talking about changes

  • Allow us to speak in code to protect dignity

  • Offer strategies and techniques to improve care and interactions

  • It’s not all about loss, it’s about life!

SENIOR GEMS® is based on GEMS™, techniques, strategies, and overall approach to care which was created and developed by Teepa Snow, Positive Approach, LLC.

GEMS and POSITIVE APPROACH are trademarks of Positive Approach, LLC.

SENIOR GEMS® is a registered trademark of Senior Helpers.